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Speed Services


Strategically positioned, digitally enhanced visual technology.


We will develop the mood and energy for your event with images, video and visual FX using state of the art, digitally enhanced technology.


  • Projectors
  • LED TV display screens
  • LED P9 & P10 Walls
  • LED video curtain wall
  • Laser light effects
  • LED uplights


We will create decorative visual displays and strategically position screens for optimum visibility for you and your guests. Any size screen walls as seen at outdoor festivals are available for large spaces.


We can build up an atmosphere by running a selection of music videos & Visual FX complimentary to your theme. Personal slideshows can also be played plus, once the event gets going, a live feed can be connected to the screens to show all guests the events on the day.


The event itself can be displayed using a bluetooth connection to your videographer’s camera.


This service can also include special fx, including laser lighting, moving head beams and LED uplights for added vibrancy.











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